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Tokkummaa Waldoota Oromoo Warra Wangeelaa


Hosted by Oromo Evangelical Church in Las Vegas in Feb. 2023


2023 UOEC Pastors Workshop

The UOEC Council on its 27th Annual meeting (July 13 – 14, 2022) elected new board members and passed a resolution:

A Call to Stop War and Atrocities in Ethiopia.

Newly Elected UOEC Board Members:

Pr.  Alamayyoo Fiixee, President

Nevada, USA

Tel: 1

Pr. Desalegn Gabina, V. President

Ottawa, Canada

Tel: 1 

Pr. Gemechis Feyisa, Secretary

Maryland, USA

Tel: 1 

Mr. Ebassa Amassu, Treasurer

Georgia, USA

Tel: 1

Mrs. Derartu Bucho, Member

Washington, DC USA

Tel: 1 


From the beginning, the primary aim of the establishment of the UOEC is to provide assistance to the Diaspora Oromo Christians in their effort to organize Christian fellowships around the world. Today there are more than forty five Oromo speaking congregation from small fellowships to five hundred members’ big congregations serving the Diaspora Oromo communities throughout Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and different refuges sites in Africa.  

The Diaspora Oromo Churches see themselves as mission posts, rooted in the tradition of pioneer evangelical church fathers and mothers like Onesimos Nasib and Aster Gano, hence committed to supporting evangelistic endeavors in their home country of origin, Oromia, as well as refuge sites like Kenya, Sudan, and Djibouti in Africa. One of the main purposes of the UOEC is to support, guide and networking these congregations that they carry out their outreach efforts effectively by pulling resources to gather.

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UOEC Council on its special session held on January 22, 2022 has passed a resolution to create UOEC-GCA.

The purpose of the creation of UOEC -GCA is save lives and help displaced, vulnerable, and marginalized Oromo people and build their economic resilience.   

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In this special session of the UOEC Council, the Board introduced the members of Global Christian in Action Ministry:

DR Haile Hirpa,  UOEC GCA President, 

Mrs. Martha Dibisa, V. President,  

Mr. Almaawu  Nagaassaa, Secretary, 

Dr. Waktasu Negeri, Member, 

Dr. Mr. Tinsae  Gemechu, Member,  

Mrs. Addise Botcho, Member, 

Rev. Alemayhu Fite, Member. 

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2022 Pastor's Retreat

Houston, Texas

UOEC Pastors were given the opportunity to hear from, learn from, and worship with one another and worshiped together between March 17 – 19, 2022.


23rd UOEC Council Meeting

Upcoming Events

  • 25th UOEC Annual Conference and 27th UOEC Annual Council Meeting
    25th UOEC Annual Conference and 27th UOEC Annual Council Meeting
    July 13 - 17, 2022
    July 13 - 17, 2022
    Oromo Evangelical Church in Columbus, 4888 Refugee Rd NW, Baltimore, OH 43105, USA
    July 13 - 17, 2022
    Oromo Evangelical Church in Columbus, 4888 Refugee Rd NW, Baltimore, OH 43105, USA

1901 Portland Ave. S, 
Minneapolis, MN 55404

If you wish to contact us by e-mail, phone or letter, please contact us at


1901 Portland Ave. S, 
Minneapolis, MN 55404

(513) 267-2428

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